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Does Your hair Color Match Your Personality?

You’re planning to meet someone in person for the first time and they ask, “How will I know you?” If you’re like most women whether you’re meeting a prospective client or blind date you start your description with your hair color.

“I’m a redhead…” ,
“My hair is golden blonde…” ,
“Look for a brunette with…”

In an age when it’s possible to color your hair any color you wish, hair color plays a uniquely important role in our personal identity. Perhaps more than almost any other physical feature, our hair shapes the way we see ourselves and, as researchers have discovered, the way others see us.
Opinions seem split when it comes to the color of your hair affecting your mood and attitude.

Studies have proven that we often use hair colors as the basis for a whole series of assumptions about the personalities of the people we meet, instantly categorizing those we encounter as bubbly blondes, feisty redheads, sophisticated brunettes, or black-haired exotics with just a glance. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that some of these snap judgments are often rooted in reality.

Are redheads really more opinionated? 
Do blondes really have more fun? 
Are Brunettes Smarter?

Interestingly enough, researches have proven that complexion and hair color influence blood pressure. When you look at yourself in the mirror every day, your psyche gets signs that can influence your behavior. Therefore, you’ll not only look the part of a hotheaded redhead or a fun loving blonde, etc. But you’ll also act like one and tend to adopt the stereotype.


What Does Your hair Color Say About You?

Red is the color of warmth, love and excitement. On the flip side, it’s also the color of passion, determination, anger and strength. Studies have shown that natural redheads produce less of the anti-stress hormone, therefore they could stress more than other natural colors. That could be why they are seen as strong willed and feisty. A lot of men see redheads as intimidating, yet beautiful. Redheads have also been found to be shy until you get to know them, creative, and sensitive.

We’ll use yellow as a substitute for blonde. Yellow means attention-grabbing, optimism, liveliness and energy. If that’s the same for blonde, We can see why they say blondes have more fun!
Blondes are sexy, smart, and outspoken. They do get more attention, and some say are most loved by men. Their personalities are outgoing and people love to be around them.
They have the strongest consciousness, a great memory, and are good at mathematics.

Like the color green, brown symbolizes nature and the earth. Endurance and confidence are also included in its meanings. Brunettes have been found to be more dependable, and down to earth. People see them as more responsible. French specialists have shown that among people who have won Nobel prizes, the majority are brunettes. This doesn’t mean that brunettes are smarter. They are just constantly working, and working hard. studies have shown that they stress less than blondes or redheads.

It symbolizes elegance and sophistication. So what about women with black hair? Specialists have shown that black-haired women are more serious and measured, sometimes melancholic and self-centered, but often doubting their own power. They are always concerned with the big picture, and are perceived to be experts with finances and business.

“Show Your True Hair Color”

Just Because You Were Born with it Doesn’t Mean You Have to Live With It

We’ll caution you that hair color decisions shouldn’t be made lightly. To look your best, it’s vital that your hair color is compatible with your skin tone, style, and facial features. But perhaps even more importantly, whether your hair hue came from your mother’s side of the family or your favorite salon, make sure your color suits your personality, your outlook, your attitude and the image you want to project out into the world.

With all of the options available to both women and men today, you don’t have to be limited by a natural color that you feel doesn’t fully reflect your personality. Whether you’re a natural redhead who wants to step out of the limelight or a brunette who wants to live it up as a platinum blonde, the only limit is your imagination. But don’t let the latest fashion trends dictate your decision do some soul searching before you commit to a new color. Your hair color broadcasts a lot about your personality and attitude to the world. Let the your hair color be a gorgeous reflection of your personality sending the right message before you decide to make a change.

Come in to AALAM The Salon for a consultation with our professional hair color specialists, and find out if your hair color is saying to others what you want it to say.


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