Keratin Complex
Why is it important to choose the best hair salons & best hair stylists in Dallas to get Keratin Complex (Keratin Blowout)?

There are various hair salons in North Dallas offering Keratin Blowout. You should, however, find just the right one for you. Preferably, you’ve chosen AALAM The  Salon. Our Professionals are able to provide not only the best haircut, hair color, highlights but also Brazilian keratin hair treatments  done properly. After all, keratin hair treatment are very much in demand in hair salons in Dallas.

Unlike other styling methods that could damage hair, however, Keratin Complex (Keratin Blowout) is safe for all kinds of chemically treated hair if the right products are used. This means that this hair treatment could be safely used for hair that has been previously permed, straightened, relaxed, bleached, colored or highlighted.

The right keratin hair treatment products do not contain harsh chemicals. Keratin, after all, is considered as a liquid form of hair because it is a natural substance that makes up as much as 88% of human hair.

While other chemical straighteners open and break the shafts or cuticles of hair and then close and and restructure them, this is not done in Brazilian keratin complex hair treatments. Keratin instead coats the hair, penetrating it enough to repair any internal damage and to replenish and recondition it, and then protecting the hair from future damage caused by heat and water. The coating also gives the hair a natural shine.

The product is applied on the hair and allowed to stay for the prescribed period. A flat iron is then used on the hair. As you leave the salon, your hair will not yet look the way it should be. It may seem too flat but this is not yet the final outcome. You are not allowed to wash or wet your hair for the next 72 hours. You are also not allowed to put any clips on your hair, tie it up in a pony tail or even put it behind your ears because any of these will create bends in the still very malleable hair strands. Once you have washed out the product after the prescribed period, you will be much rewarded for your patience, though. Your hair will be a lot straighter but not at all flat. It will, instead, be softer, smoother and shiny and beautiful.

Those who use chemical straighteners encounter problems with re growth. It is awkward to have stick straight hair with curly and frizzy roots after a few weeks. This does not happen with your Keratin  Complex (Keratin Blowout Hair Treatment) because it wears off gradually. Your hair will naturally regain its waves in slow measure. As you repeat the treatment every three to four months, your hair becomes even healthier, shinier and more manageable.

Your keratin hair treatments should not be entrusted to any of the usual hair salons in Dallas TX. Without proper knowledge and application by genuine hair treatment professionals using the best product and tools, you can get your hair damaged. To ensure your own well being and the health and beauty of your hair, you should choose a reputable professional at AALAM The Salon. With such credibility its Hair Stylists and Hair Colorists will surely be able to provide also the best haircut, hair color & highlights you will even need from a salon in North dallas.

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