Fading into Fall – Fall and Winter 2011

During the summer months, we enjoy our hair color to be vivacious, bright and brilliant. And of course when the fall and winter months approach, trends always forecast to transition into lavish, caramels and sultry mocha tones.

With the transition of going from beige-y blondes, to deeper, smokey tones there is always a risk of color fadage. Cooler weather ladies sometimes means warmer showers and bathes. With the rise of temperature in the shower means also a rise in the hair’s structure. The outer layer of the hair is the cuticle, with a rise in heat, the cuticle rises as well. Sometimes there can be a slight slip in the color molecules and fading can happen quicker than we’d like. Rule of thumb, always bathe and rinse your hair in tepid water (the cooler the better, still having it comfortable is advised as well)

When you’re asking your colorist next time for a lived in, organic look of caramel and chocolate tones, or even those rich honey blondes that fade bleachey, ask them what is a great way to help with fading. Here are some steps to help

1. After a color service at AALAM The Salon we always personally like to utilize a product from Wella Professional called Relights. Relights is a tone based product (Tone is either warm or cool – i.e. Gold, Copper, Ash) which has a acidic pH to it (Acid is going to close the cuticle and seal everything nicely in) Not only will the Relights balance out tone to keep any unwanted brassy tones away or create a brilliant golden and honey tones, it will seal and add massive shine to the hair. With Relights there is always the option of a Pure Clear Shine to just add radiance as well.

2. Kérastase has a new innovative product called Chroma Sensitive. The accessory to your daily regiment is composed of 75% conditioning agents and 25% cleansing agents. This is a low foaming product, more of a creme cleansing Bain. With this product it was designed to create a low level of friction when bathing the hair. Less friction, less opening of the cuticle and thus preserving your investment. A little tip with this product, use it for the first 3 bathes after coloring your hair and then rotate out every other time with your normal Bain.

3. Shu Uemera The Art of Hair released their new Cleansing Oil Shampoo. The philosophy of Shu Uemera is to cleanse without disturbing the natural balance of oil on the skin. Preserving natural balance of moisture and pH. This is a Paraben (Wax substance) and Silicon Free (plastic agents) thus giving your color a break and creating perfectly moisturized and volumized hair. It leaves the hair airy to the touch. Ideal for clients with flat, oily and fine textures.

4. Kérastase recently launched The Rituals: Fusio-Dose. Instantaneous conditioning power, technology driven and repairing your hair the minute it is absorbed to the hair. Now offering 4 vials and boosters to cocktail a unlimited variation for your hairs needs:

a. Concentré Pixelist – Color Protection. Adds long lasting brilliance, seals the color in from root to tip and anti fading protection. Great for high demanding colors that always seem to slip just too quick

b. Concentré Oléo-Fusion – Nourishment. Long lasting nourishment, softens and brings shine, smoothes, and eases detangling.

c. Concentré Vita-Ciment – Reinforcement. Reconstructs the inner cellular cement, protects and adds shine.

d. Concetré Substantif – Density. Instantly improves hair elasticity, adds density and thickness.

With the Fusio-Dose it always has 1 booster as a minimum to address a secondary concern, the great thing is you can address up to 3 concerns with one Vial.

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