There are 2 classifications of modern highlighting techniques:
FOILING, and Free Hand-painted highlights, more commonly known as BALAYAGE and OMBRE. Highlighting in general is simply lightening selected strands of hair to a shade lighter than the natural color or all over color.

Anyone can highlight their hair. Highlights can brighten someone’s natural color, like a brunette adding honey or caramel tones. Or, a natural redhead could add multiple shades of copper and gold.

Highlights can also help to blend away grays, by adding golden browns and blondes to help warm up the skin tone, or by adding in ash and gray panels for low maintenance dimension.

Different weaves and colors can be used inside of foils or free-hand painted, and by spacing them in various ways and shapes around the head, highlights can be used to create special effects in the hair as well.

AALAM Offering
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Providing Hand-Painted Balayage
Advanced Ombre Highlights

When asking for highlights it is important to remember that they will only cover up to 60% of the hair. So, if the remaining natural color in between those highlights is still undesirable, then a color between the foils, or a global application, may be necessary.

There are many product options that will lighten the natural hair without using lightener (or bleach). Some of these products can lift the hair 3-4 shades lighter, so they are more natural and a little less maintenance. However, sometimes, it is necessary to use lightener in order to achieve your desired end result.

Luckily, most lighteners these days are formulated with conditioners built into them to protect your hair during processing. An experienced and properly trained hair color specialist will be able to educate you about all of your options, and together you can choose the right product and at-home regimen to get the color you want while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

After your consultation your color specialist will design a technique and color based on your hair and lifestyle needs. Be sure to discuss product recommendations so that you can maintain the color and health of your hair at home.

At AALAM, We use Wella’s Lightener Blondor. It is an amazing product that lifts the hair easily and gently, and produces a beautiful light blonde while leaving the hair feeling healthy and strong. We also offer in-salon KERASTASE PARIS treatments to make your hair feel even better than it did before processing.

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