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Ultra-Personalized Coloring Method

Balayage is the technique of choice among the most discerning clients, celebrities, models and fashionistas

who demand hair color that is designed exclusively for them.

recession-proof color technique

Clients love that Balayage is less expensive to maintain than traditional highlights.

Color grows out without showing a noticeable and obvious re-growth, requiring fewer trips to the salon.

gorgeous “sun-kissed” highlights

The secret behind sexy blonde and honey-toned hues of Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria?


The free-hand sweeping technique creates highlights that look like you spent the summer frolicking on the beach.


Lately, we have seen many celebrities with highlights that are floating though the mid-lengths and ends of the hair rather than all the way from root to tip.
This technique has actually been around for decades, but other trends and technologies took center stage for a while.

Before there was frosting, before there was foil…there was balayage.
In French, balayage means “to sweep”. So, the term suggests that the balayage highlighting technique is the way your colorist sweeps the lightener or color vertically down the hair strand to produce a blended, sun-kissed result.

The beauty of this look is that, it usually has a deeper (darker) root area than a traditional foil highlight, so the maintenance could be less often, depending on your desired end result.

Balayage allows your colorist the artistic freedom to visually place the color wherever the sun naturally hits the hair.  An extremely well trained certified balayage colorist can paint and drift pieces so small that, It will look like the natural highlights you had when you were a child.

Always find a hair salon with certified colorists for balayage! You can also request multiple shades to be used, either for dimension or contrast. If you have gray hair and need a root touch up, ask for a few pieces of balayage around your face to soften the demarcation as your hair grows. If you normally request foil highlights and you want to try something new,

ask your colorist about balayage! 

Most commonly, balayage is used by people who want to avoid the awkward look developed when hair grows out and there is a very clear line between the natural color and the highlights.

The main argument for balayage over foil is in the subtle transition of color.

Because balayage is basically painted on, the transition between colors is more gradual than foil and this merging of colors gives more of a natural look.

At the same time, balayage works better for some hairstyles than others and there are certain hairstyles that will blend better with the new balayage highlights. You should also consult your stylist to make sure your new haircut will work with your balayage.

can people with short hairstyles or male clients get balayage?

YES, One type of hairstyle that can benefit from a balayage treatment are the shorter  looks, like a pixie cut, short shag or men’s hairstyles. The reason for this is that because there is less hair to work with, foil highlights will stick out more and look less natural.
On the other hand, a natural appearance will be created by the balayage and the different colors will be much more subtle.

Another area where balayage reigns supreme is for adding color to the finer hair found at a woman’s hairline. Foil simply cannot reach these points and the balayage technique will make the hair more manageable by requiring less frequent visits to the salon.

Can people with Blonde, Brunette Red or Dark hair color, all benefit from Balayage?

ABSOlLUTELY YES, All hair colors can benefit from Balayege.

Special Note:

If you are ready to experience the balayage, It will be best served by going to a Balayage certified professional colorist that has extensive training and experience with the technique.

A Professional Balayage expert will be able to place the color to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features and It’s totally bespoke to you!

It’s true that balayage can technically be done by anyone, but a small mistake can easily lead to a costly problem (several different unwanted tone along with chemical hair damage) that even a professionals will have a hard time fixing it.

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