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Ombre’ started as a hair color trend,
Now Ombre’ it’s a technique.

At this point, ombre hair has been around for close to 10 years. It has undergone an evolution from when it was first introduced.  Some people feel it is out of style, while others are embracing the countless tools and techniques that have made it into an art form. However there is still some confusion as to what ombre really is, and how it can be done.

What is Ombre’?

The dictionary’s definition of ombre is to have colors that blend into each other, usually in fabrics ‘graduating’ from light to dark.  In the hair industry, ‘graduation’ means a buildup of weight in a haircut (i.e. a stacked bob), or the fading of one color to another.  So in your consultation, your colorist should ask you where you want to see the color build up to be the heaviest?

up high near the round of the head, down lower near the cheekbones, etc.  This can also be determined by bringing in pictures.  Having pictures of what you like and do not like is extremely important to help guide your colorist to the proper technique and color application.

Ombre can be done on any hair length, Whether you have short hair, Bob, Medium or long hair, there is some kind of ombre that fits your hairstyle well.

Is Ombre for Blonde, Brunette, Red Or dark hair people?
With the wide range of hair color options for Ombre, and Advanced techniques, Ombre can be done on everybody, with different personality and lifestyle, regardless of their hair color.

One factor that gives the ombré its diverse popularity for wide range of people is the ability to fall in place and give that perfect look with a wide range of hair colors and forms. The color and the curls together leave you with a complete set of glowing beauty.

There are many different kinds of ombre that sometimes it is hard to get on the same page without a visual representation of what you would like. 
At Aalam the Salon, We  believe regardless of your lifestyle or maintenance preferences, there is an ombre that fits Your personality. So that’s why, we classified our ombre into 3 different categories:
pivotal, organic, and brazen.

Pivotal Ombre’

The pivotal ombre Introduces flickers of color just around the face. So, it is a great introduction to see if you like the look. If you do, your colorist can always add more at your next appointment.

Organic Ombre’

The organic ombre will be most similar to a full highlight, where that the color will be placed all throughout the hair with some of the natural or base color intermixed.  The result is a natural, lived-in, beachy look, where the roots are still dark and the ends are lighter.  Keep in mind that because it is meant to have a more naturally colored effect, most tones used in this type of ombre color are warmer rather than cooler.

Brazen Ombre’

Brazen ombre is for the bold and daring!  In this technique, all ends of the hair are colored to give the most impact of color.  Sometimes, a bold fashion shade like pink or purple is added to make a louder statement.

Whether your hair is naturally light or dark, ombre is a great way to try something new.

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